Pluralism in Turkey

The launch event of the Pluralism in Turkey Project supported by the Norwegian Embassy took place on 25 April 2019. Panelists Yusuf Kanlı, Necdet Pamir, Nevşin Mengü and Ahmet Doğan have shared their views, opinions and experiences with students from a variety of universities such as METU, Bilkent, Gazi and Başkent and participants from other NGO’s.

In the scope of “Pluralism in Media” project, SIGMA (Sigma Independent Research Society) in association with the Norwegian Embassy, a panel was held in METU Visnelik facilities. The panel was moderated by the anchorwoman Nevsin Mengu. Panelists included the president of Journalists Association Yusuf Kanlı, METU board member Necdet Pamir and strategy specialist Ahmet Doğan.

Yusuf Kanlı has described pluralism in Turkey by relating to the near future. Kanlı stated, “Before 1980, even though the youth was split into various fractions of leftist and right ideologies, we could live within a pluralist understanding for the most part.” He added “There wasn’t a concept of ummah or sects. We lived in a pluralist society despite political differences. The key to pluralism is being an individual.”

Necdet Pamir who spoke after Kanlı pointed out the prerequisite for pluralism is our ability to love others. Pamir added, the difference between being an individual as opposed to being a part of ummah or a sect is carrying individual responsibility. He reminded it was hard to make a single person murder, whereas, in group psychology, an individual is easier to manipulate into such acts due to lack of personal responsibility.

Ahmet Doğan emphasized they wish to reach university students to the best of their ability and spread the message of pluralism in Turkey. He underlined although Sigma doesn’t serve a single political view, societal conflicts of the last 17 years has been significant.

The next panel will be held at 12.12.20190 in partnership with the Norwegian Embassy. Please visit our website for updates.